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Frames are one of the most important construction elements in a building and we use them on a daily basis. In order for them to be able to provide their qualities to the max (e.g. thermal insulation, sound insulation, security) they must be constructed and placed correctly.

Choosing the right constructor is the most important factor for the proper completion of a project and the delivery of a good quality frame. 

The frame buyer should choose reliable and certified constructors who are able to provide frames properly constructed and which fulfill the CE marking demands. Only in this way can it be ensured that the products which will be installed in his building will meet all the required standards.

Every professional frame constructor ought to give you a detailed quotation for every frame which is to be constructed.
In the quotation, at least the following must be mentioned:

  • Frame type (e.g. double sash opening, single sash double sliding etc.) and the series that will be used (e.g. EUROPA 5500, ALUMIL 11500, ALBIO 109C etc.)
  • The frame heat permeability
  • The glass panes which will be installed on the frames as well as their heat permeability
  • The electrostatic paint color
  • The shutters (simple shutters, rollers, screens) which will be constructed
  • Other details like accessories, tilt and turn mechanism etc.


This gives you the opportunity to compare with other quotations you might receive.

The comparison must always be made on same type quotations.

Different type quotations can in no way be compared and, what is more important, they create huge variations in prices, resulting in confusing the buyer and leading him to the wrong decision!

It is advisable to limit your choices to up to three quotations, so that you can compare types and prices until you eventually choose the constructor who will complete the project.

However, do not forget the most important thing: there can be great price variations among quotations for similar products. The big variation in price among quotations should, at least, get you thinking…

After you choose the constructor you will collaborate with, you must sign a private agreement on which all tasks – processes, but also possible extra charges (crane, removing old frames etc.) that will take place until project completion, must be clearly mentioned in detail.

In the private agreement the project delivery date and the means of payment must be clearly mentioned.

The most usual means of payment is the following:

  • 40% of the total sum as a deposit when signing the private agreement. This amount is the minimum so that the constructor can purchase the necessary materials
  • 40% of the total sum on delivery of the frames to the construction site
  • The remaining 20% is paid upon completion of construction installation


Attention!!! Before project payoff, the necessary checks must be made for the proper functioning of the frames. The constructor ought to show you the way the frames function and provide you with a written performance guarantee of 2 years minimum.. 

Furthermore, he must provide you with all the accompanying documents required by the CE marking. 

The customer, apart from the Declaration of Performance the CE marking requires, must also be provided with proper instructions for the function and maintenance of the frames he is buying.


We should mention that CE marking for frames and shutters is compulsory and products without marking are illegal.

So, in order to ensure the constructor’s reliability, you should ask for the necessary Certifications (CE, ISO), a performance guarantee (2 years’ minimum), but also make sure there is after sales support.

The products bearing the CE marking have been tested in specialized laboratories according to the European Standards demands. The constructors who offer a CE marking on the frames they sell their customers follow a series of processes, which ensure that the frames the customer buys have similar qualities to the ones that have been tested in the laboratory.

During your contact with the constructor, do not hesitate to ask any questions so as to evaluate his professionalism, while if you deem it necessary, you can ask to see completed projects as well apart from exhibition samples.

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