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The present manual was written in order to be used as an aluminum construction check tool. In the manual, the basic elements of the construction and installation of a good quality frame are described. Moreover, there are two checklists to facilitate the construction check by the costumer.

The aim is to be able to inform the customer on the minimum requirements of a proper frame and to provide the constructor with the opportunity to promote and substantiate the proper aluminum frame construction and installation.

As a basic principle, all the materials used in frame construction and installation (accessories, false frames etc.) must abide by the standards set by the system producer’s technical manual and must not create erosion.

Frame construction must be made with the necessary attention and detail, according to the technical standards of the system producer’s Technical Manual.

The minimum requirements that must be met during frame construction are shown in the following table:




There must be drainage holes in the opening frame


When the frame is exposed to weather conditions, a water dripprofile must be used where provided by the system producer


In the opening frame, drainage holes must be made on the upper lateral side of the sash


In sliding frames, drainage holes must be made on the frame track profile


Proper tightness is required between sash and mullion, as well as between cap and sash-mullion


The main frame rubber must be glued on the joints (45o). Alternatively, a rubber corner can be used, which will be glued on the main frame rubber body


In the profile joints, proper tightness material must be used (e.g. joint sealant)


For the tightness between glass panes and aluminum profiles, proper size rubber gaskets must be used, according to the profile gap and the glass pane width


Opening doors and balcony doors must have the proper support points (e.g. 3 hinges)





After their construction, frames are cleaned, checked and packaged so as to prevent damage during transport.

The minimum standards that must be met during frame installation are shown in the following table:




In case of a thermal break frame installation, it must be done on plastic pads or special rubbers if provided by the system producer


The screws used for frame installation must be stainless, galvanized or cadmium-plated


There must be tightness in joints between false frame and aluminum frame, as well as between pillar and frame sash




Project completion

After installation completion, films are removed from profiles and a visual construction check is done.


The area where the installation crew worked is cleaned and then delivered to the customer.


A function demonstration must be done to the customer (if he is present) and written Instructions of Frame Function, Maintenance and Cleaning must be given.


The customer must also be provided with a Quality Guarantee for all installed products. The minimum guarantee duration is two (2) years.  For the guarantee to be valid, the customer must comply with the terms of maintenance and cleaning provided by the constructor. It is very important for regular frame maintenance and cleaning to take place, so that they can maintain the very high durability standards in time and weather conditions. With proper use, maintenance and cleaning, the customer can contribute to their good function as well as their excellent appearance.


Finally, the necessary CE marking documents must be provided, as specified by the National / European Legislation and the current harmonized standards, for frames as well as shutters (rollers, simple shutters, screens etc.)


A basic requirement for all the above to be in effect is the flawless cooperation between constructor and customer (individual or engineer), and according to the project requirements. The customer must be advised by the constructor on the possible unique project qualities and together they should end up choosing the best constructions regarding material standards, so as not to sacrifice quality for a low price and not violate security provisions. It is important to take into consideration the installation site unique qualities.

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